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Most of us like to have a glass of something when we read. For me, usually, that glass of something is a hot drink. Coffee, tea, sometimes a chocolate drink, like a Nutella hot chocolate. I choose my drinks based on my moods, and more often than not, my moods are linked to the book I am reading.

What I’m saying, of course, is that I categorise my drinks by the type of books I am reading. There are just certain stories and genres that pair well with certain drinks.

books & a cuppa

Chocolate; Fantasy


It can be anywhere between overly sweet and dark bitterness. For me, hot chocolate pairs well with a well-paced fantasy story. It sucks you right in, the characters leaping off the page. You amble along with them, learn with them, grow with them. A quest tale, perhaps, or a fairytale adaptation.


Tea; Romance

romance novels

It pairs well with something that is soothing, that calms you down, brings you back a few paces. Slows you down, though nothing that is so dull you fall asleep. Generally, I find myself having a mug of tea with a romance novel. Something I can curl up with that makes me smile. Something that warms me up on the inside.


Coffee; Sci-Fi

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It gets your pulse racing. The adrenaline flows, and you find yourself flipping through your book, eagerly devouring everything in sight. You have to know what comes next. There is a sense of urgency in the story. It moves quickly, it grips you and does not let go. Action in science-fiction finds me with a coffee, and a book finished in a scant few hours even though I should be doing something else.



Of course, sometimes I switch it up. I’ll have a tea while I’m reading a fantasy, or a coffee while I’m reading romance. It depends on the mood, and the atomosphere, but I have always enjoyed reading when I have a mug of a good drink in my hand.

Everyone has their own preferred cup of something to go with what they are reading. What are yours?

2016-04-12 11:46

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