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I’ve been complaining to anyone who sits still long enough to listen that coming up with new and interesting blog posts ideas is so difficult. This has been largely due to the fact that I have been stuck trying to come up with something different and fun to post.

A conversation with a new friend, one who is not an avid reader, but wants to get back into reading for fun, gave me this one. We were discussing something I’ve been planning (something she’s gotten excited about, and made me more excited to be doing!) when she suggested I put together a reading starter kit for her and others like her. She meant physically, but that can be difficult since everyone’s tastes vary.

So I thought why not put together a list of items people can find (easily or not) to make their own reading starter kit?

reading starter kit

We start, of course, with a book.

The book depends on the reader. Or the reader’s friends and family, if they are going based on recommendations and gifts.

Then we add in a bookmark.

If the book is borrowed, especially, it is better not to dogear it. Personally, I hate it. I’ve done it, used to do it all the time, but now? Use anything you can find as a bookmark. An old reciept? Sure, why not? Tissue paper? Works too! Something thin and easy to slip between the pages.

ribbon + book2

Some music wouldn’t be remiss.

Mood music is always great for getting into the groove. Find a playlist online for the book you are reading! Or create your own, if you are into that. Of course, there are some people who don’t work well with music, and they can skip this part.

A cup of tea can help with getting comfortable.

It adds to the atmosphere. Something warm to drink while you get lost in the words and story being created on the page in front of you. It might be tea, or coffee, or something else entirely. It might be accompanied by some snacks, or it might not.

open book2

Or maybe wine is more your thing.

I know some people like to read in the bath. It is not something I’ve ever done, but hey, if that’s you, pour yourself some wine, throw in a bath bomb and get comfortable!

The main thing is to customise your reading starter kit to your needs. Like reading outside? Add an umbrella or sunhat to protect your head! Like reading by the pool? Add a towel, just in case! Enjoy sitting at a cafe? Make sure you have some cash on you, of course, and maybe you’ll want a notebook to jot down quotes you like.

I know most of us are longtime readers, but what would your reading starter kit consist of?

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