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by E.G. Wilson

Adelaide Te Ngawai was twenty-two when Maunga Richards found her prison.

In Expression, discover what happened to Addy after the harrowing ending to Voiceless. Follow Addy’s brother Theo and her former nemesis Maunga as they plunge into an underground reality, not knowing whether they can find Addy—or what they will find if they can. Mind-bending and sensory, Expression assails the unknown without fear or regret.

How far will Theo go to save his sister?



I received this copy in exchange for an honest review from Pikko’s House publishing. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you Pikko’s House!

It’s not exactly how I imagined this story going, but I got to say, the time jump made a lot of sense. Instead of spending forever trying to show how time passed for Addy, we get Theo and Maunga’s POV, years down the line, with the knowledge that they’ve been working at getting Addy free in all this time.

Maunga and Theo’s relationship also made sense to me! I thought something would end up happening between them when they were the only two left behind with the knowledge of what Addy had given up, but it was much better to be shown their married life than to see them fumbling through falling in love. The stakes were that much higher for them.

Seeing Addy through their eyes was also great, because it showed the stark difference in who she used to be and who she had become. It showed the strength from an outsider’s point of view, and it gave a sense of realness to how much she had changed. I think if we had gotten her POV in the novel, it would not have seemed as much as if she had gone through hell. Or it would have been too overdone. This was a good way to show her trauma without too much exposition.

Still, there was something about the novel that did not click with me as much as the first one did. Maybe it was because we were stuck in a building the entire time, or maybe it was just that the physical stakes did not seem as high until the very end. The fate of Caroline was also a little dissatisfying.

It was a good read, but not as good as I had hoped.

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