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As I write this, it is the last few days of 2017, and I am excited for 2018. The year promises new things for me – my daughter will turn one, my blog will (hopefully) see more traffic as I post more often, and I will be launching my book-related business!

Unfortunately, there has been a bit of a delay on the business front as not only has it been difficult to set up the page on my own, a lot has been going on on the personal front and an unexpected medical related emergency has set me back at least another week. So where I was hoping for a proper announcement in this post, with links and lots of excitement, I have had to tone it down a little.

It is not that I am scrapping my plans though. I am far too invested already in this business to change my mind, and I have support in the form of my family and friends. And I hope that there will be interest in the community for what I have to offer.

Talking about it without talking about it is a little difficult so instead, let’s talk about what I will be posting on my blog this year!

Besides the backlog of reviews I am still transferring over from Tumblr, I will be posting every Wednesday. Not all my posts will be related to books – this year, every third Wednesday of the month will see a recipe post as I have a large collection of relatively simple recipes that I have adapted to my dietery needs, and friends on Instagram and in real life who have asked for them written out. Maybe some of you will enjoy them!

I am also introducing a new blog series for the fourth Wednesday of the month! I don’t want to spoil that particular surprise, but let’s just say I already have the posts in this series mapped out for half a year.

Don’t be surprised if some bullet journal posts pop up throughout the year – I started journaling in October and, well, I am a little bit addicted. Other things that might pop up will be posts about life as an international book blogger, and possibly more posts about #cronebloggers.

The world is my playground. Or books are, anyway.

To a great near year, everyone. I hope your years go the way you want them to.

2016-04-12 11:46

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I’m Aradhna, a 25 year old who someday hopes to have published a novel, and who is currently losing herself in the worlds created by others. Recently graduated with a degree in Communications and currently completed a Masters course in Creative Writing (Screenwriting), this blog is a chronicle of all things to do with my Masters project, as well as other general geekiness. I get distracted and sidetracked easily.

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