unboxing; blu’s bookish bag, january 2018


Bear with me please, I’ve never done one of these before.

Unboxings have always fascinated me – and made me a little bit jealous. Because I’ve never been able to get over the almost exorbitant shipping prices to get bookish merch and boxes all the way over to Malaysia, I rarely buy things beyond books!

And then.

And then.

This happened.

I have always adored the designs on Blu Bear Bazaar. I treated myself to bookmarks from the store once, and bought my best friend a mug for her birthday. When I heard Molly was starting a box? Or rather, a bag? I gave in to the temptation and pre-ordered the first one.

Blu’s Bookish Bag can be described as a book club in a bag. There is a YA hardcover recent release, an exclusive bookmark, and 2-4 other bookish items from small businesses.

And then after that? Book club events! Read-alongs, hashtag events, instagram chats – the works for an online book club, basically.

I was more than excited.

jan blu's

Last week, my bag finally arrived! It took my less than an hour for my self-control (and desire to take proper photos with the camera) to lose in the face of my eagerness.

Please note, taking unboxing photos when there is a grabby ten-month crawling about and trying to either climb the sofa and grab your items or climb you and grab your phone is an Experience.


The theme for January’s bag was For The Love Of Fandom, and boy, was it everything I had hoped and dreamed my first ever box/bag would be!

There were a total of five items, plus the book. I unwrapped the book last so as to keep the suspense going for myself.

jan blu's2

First, there were a set of three Harry Potter pencils, wrapped in a ripped out page of a Harry Potter book! My husband’s reaction honestly amused me so much.

Him: “A book was destroyed for this! It goes against everything a book blogger stands for!”
Me: “You’d be surprised what book bloggers do for the ~aesthetic.”

But we both agree that the pencils are super cool. I’m not entirely sure I can bring myself to use them…

Also from Blu Bear Bazaar itself was a GORGEOUS bookmark inspired by A Darker Shade Of Magic, and a Throne Of Glass tote bag! I have read neither novel, but I love the quotes and the designs of both.

There was also a cute little Stranger Things inspired necklace by Elissa Designs. There are apparently two versions of this, but I have yet to see the second version on Instagram. I’m sure it is as charming as the one I got.

The final item was a fandom mashup notebook from The Inked Page! I am a firm believer of ‘you can never have too many notebooks’, so this gorgeous piece of stationary has been added to my growing pile of notebooks.

jan blu's3

And then of course, there’s the book. Marie Lu’s Batman: Nightwalker. A book that is on my TBR, but I was sure I would have to wait forever to pick up because these books take time to come out in Malaysia.

Not only do I not have to wait, I get to participate in a book club involving reading this and discussing it with people? I know I have repeated this a lot, but I am so excited!

I got such a thrill out of unboxing, I might have to order more things to do it again!

Who else enjoys unboxings so much? Which has been your favourite box, and which your favourite item you have ever recieved?

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  • Cait @ Paper Fury

    oh oh this is such a cool unboxing!! And I’ve read Batman and it was a lot of fun (plus that cover is so epic right?!) And I’m loving the sound of the nerdy pencils.😍 I think my favourite box is probably Owlcrate and Illumicrate…I can’t even with how exciting it is to get mail full of surprises hahah.😂 so glad you enjoyed your box!

    • Ara

      THANK YOU! I haven’t read the book yet – I’m starting it next week – but I am so excited! The cover is GORGEOUS.

      Ahh, I really want to subscribe to either (or both) of those boxes but the shipping is SO EXPENSIVE.

  • Olivia-Savannah

    I LOVE BLU’S BAZAAR! I hope you will enjoy having all of these items. I really love the looks of a lot of the things, and the tote bag looks especially gorgeoud DD:

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