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review; lark ascending

Lark Ascending
by Meagan Spooner

Lark thought returning home to face her city was the hardest thing she’d ever do. She was wrong.

No longer the girl who ran for her life, Lark’s ready for the Institute. She never dreamed she’d find a rebellion, a Renewable, and those she used to love embroiled in the fight of their lives. She’s mastered her magic, but she still doesn’t know if she can master the darkness stirring inside her.

Nothing is simple anymore, and finding her place in this war – and discovering the terrible secrets behind her ruined world – might cost her everything she has left.


I keep pausing the reading of this series, not out of any disinterest, but simply out of lack of motivation. But whenever I do sit with the books again, I completely devour them. I did that with the previous book, and I did it again with this one.

This was so INTENSE. I got some answers, finally, on what caused the world to become the way it was – and wow, were those answers worth it. Every seemingly loose thread came together in this final installment. Lark’s search for her brother in the first two books led to Basil, but it also led away from Basil for more answers – and this time, though it took about half the book – Basil came for her.

I just – I have so many emotions, am a little overwhelmed. I love that we came full circle back to the Wall. That we are confronted with what exactly the Institute did to the Renewable they were using – to Eve – but that no one person was villainised for it. Not completely.

Every character is complex and developed, and yes, I do still have questions, but the fact that they remain unanswered is – realistic? I suppose?

The connection between Eve and Lark, two sides of the same coin, I think could have been better established in the earlier books – maybe a hint of it throughout the second. But other than that – the love triangle that is not a triangle was handled really well. Oren, as always, was a favourite. His interactions and his feelings for Lark are so consistent and heartwarming. Kris never trying to insert himself in her life, never pushing for something she cannot give was wonderful. He redeemed himself for me, definitely.

And Lark. Gone is the girl who was so scared of everything. In her place was someone who knew what she had to do.

That end was so hopeful, for redemption, for a better life. Just – a wonderful journey I am very glad I took.

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