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It’s Christmas! I may not celebrate it personally, but I love parts of the holiday. Mostly the presents but also some of the movies.

But mostly the presents.

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#project14lists day 2

There are a few Christmas movies that I do love, however, and wouldn’t mind rewatching every year. I’ve got to see if I can find them so I can watch them with the daughter this year…

  • The Santa Claus.
    Look, this was a staple in the house when it came out because Tim Allen, and it was funny and wholesome, and I still cannot get over the fact that David Krumholtz was Bernard because I adore him.
  • The Santa Claus 2.
    See above about Tim Allen, and also it was fun to see Charlie a little more grown up but still believing in Santa because that’s so rare?
  • The Santa Claus 3.
    Okay, this one is not as fun as the other two but I couldn’t not add it in.
  • Miracle On 34th Street.
    I’m talking about the 1994 version because I adore Mara Wilson. I haven’t seen this one in YEARS but I remember loving it as a kid and I want to watch it again.
  • Snow.
    Tom Cavanaugh as Santa Claus. Uh, yes, please.
  • Snow 2.
    See above. Also the reindeer are characters in their own right, almost, and it’s AMAZING.

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I’m sure there are a lot of other movies I haven’t mentioned that are also fun – like the Home Alone series! – but these are the ones I know for sure I’m going to be watching with my daughter as she grows up. They are fun and wholesome, and magical. And I don’t care that we live in the tropics, I’ll be making hot chocolate for us to curl up with when we watch them.

What are your favourite Christmas traditions and movies?


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