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This is technically not a book related post. But it is also not a recipe, which is why I am going with this header. Don’t judge?

So a few years ago, I stole a resolution idea from a friend to try a new recipe a month. I’ve done pretty well, and this year, I definitely tried more than 12 new recipes.*

*Thank you, Pinterest!

More information and the full #Project14Lists can be found here.

#project14lists day 5

If you follow me on my personal Instagram account, you might have seen a few photos. If you don’t, well, I’m linking to them. And possibly to the recipes, because they are GOOD and worth trying.

Somewhere along the line of doing this, I fell in love with cooking.

  • Eggless spinach & mushroom quiche.
    This was a mix and match recipe that came out pretty well, in my opinion. And I’m very proud of it.
  • Roasted sweet potato and black bean quesadillas.
    You’re going to have to scroll to get to this photo, but they are YUM and I’ve made them like 10 ten times since I’ve come across this recipe.
  • Not-so-vegan sloppy joe.
    I’d never had a sloppy joe in my life before this, and this came out great? I adapted the vegan recipe because I used regular dairy products. (I also made oven-baked fries instead of using frozen ones.)
  • Vegan chickpea shakshuka.
    This is the last picture on this post, and the amount of times I’ve made this since I’ve come across the recipe is, well, a lot. I made it last week, actually. And a few weeks before that when my cousin came over for lunch.
  • Paneer and black bean “meat”balls.
    Another mix and match type recipe that came out not bad. I might try frying them the next time I make them, but the flavour was there, and good.
  • Eggplant capanata.
    I’ve made these three times? I think? Usually on days when I want something quick and easy to make, but still super yummy and filling. I add a little bit of tomato paste to give it a richer colour and flavour.
  • Tofu krapao.
    It took me a long time to actually make this Thai basil stir-fry because it is one of my favourite dishes, and I would have hated myself if I had gotten it wrong. And I didn’t get it wrong, and I am thrilled.
  • Vegan black bean and pumpkin enchilda.
    This was the first time I actually didn’t substitute actual cheese for the vegan stuff, and I didn’t miss it at all? My only regret is I couldn’t find the green tomatillas to make the salsa. It was still super yum, and the whole family loved it.
  • Chettinad biryani.
    The husband sent me the link to make this, but we did not have mushrooms at home. Instead, I used mock duck (which is one of the only mock meats I enjoy), and it tasted SO GOOD and was surprisingly pretty straight-forward to make?

I’ve tried a lot of other things too, some of them good, some of them I’m going to try and work on to make better, but I have really been enjoying cooking and baking, and it seems like the daughter is going to enjoy it too, if we go by the fact that she constantly comes into the kitchen while we’re cooking.

Any of these catch your eye? What are some of your favourite new foods you’ve tried this year?


I’m Ara, a Southeast Asian writer who someday hopes to have published a novel, and who is currently losing herself in the worlds created by others. I love books and food and television and blogging and I get distracted and sidetracked easily.


  • Kelly Brigid

    Ooh, these all sound so good! I’m lactose I tomderant, so I tend to like to make/buy vegan friendly foods! I’ll definitely have to try a few of these! That enchilada sounds especially good! ?

    • Ara

      The enchilda was FULLY VEGAN and so yummy and actually pretty easy to make? I suggest using Pinterest for recipes because honestly, it’s a lifesaver.

    • Ara

      I have some of them up! Some of them aren’t that different – usually just substitutions of things I don’t have on hand (like garlic, which we don’t use at home) or minor adjustions to salt and seasoning because I’m desi and I need my flavour. Lol.

  • denaiir

    Stars, these sound amazing!! I’m sending the link to this page to the husband, he loves to cook and will have a blast! I’m a vegetarian and since we moved in together in September he has gone out of his way to try veg recipes so it’s perfect ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

    • Ara

      Awesome! My Pinterest is also FULL OF MORE RECIPES so if you have an account, add me on there and we can share some of my favourite recipes!

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