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;five asian authors i love

five asian authors i love

Last month, I did a post that got more traction than I thought it would*, and I was inspired to make it a series of sorts! Like I’ve shouted from the rooftops, this is The Year Of The Asian, so why not do a post related to Asian books or bloggers every month?

*See: ;five asian bloggers you should follow

This time around, I’ll be talking about authors who I love! These will be authors whose works I’ve read, at least one of their books, and who I enjoy following on social media.**

**Look out for a post on authors whose work I want to read later this year.
  • I’ve only read one of Roshni Chokshi’s books so far – The Star-Touched Queen, which was amazing – and it told me straight off the bat that I was going to attempt to read everything she writes. I will be doing that too, once I can find a decent library with her books. I adore the way her heritage influences her writing, and I love that I can recognise some of the myths and legends she takes her ideas from. Also, she is a complete sweetheart when you talk to her on social media.
  • I cannot wait for Sandhya Menon’s newest offer There’s Something About Sweetie to come out. I’ve read her other three works – When Dimple Met Rishi, From Twinkle With Love and As Kismet Would Have It – and they are fun and entertaining and give me Bollywood masala feels, which is something I never knew I wanted and needed in my life.
  • Have you read Descendant Of The Crane yet? You should read it. It’s amazing. Joan He’s debut is full of twists and turns and family feels, and Joan herself is such a great person. I had the privilege to be a part of her Street Team, and she is so down-to-earth and awesome, and I cannot wait to see where she goes.

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  • I haven’t had a chance to read the sequel to Forest Of A Thousand Lanterns yet, but Julie C. Dao’s first book was a stunner, and honestly, she comes across as a very intelligent and straight-forward person on social media, and I love that. I’m hoping to get a copy of this entire series sometime this year, and you know I’ll be yelling about it online when I do.
  • There are a few Anuja Chauhan books I own that I’ve heard good things about, but for some reason I’ve only read one – The Zoya Factor – yet. Her writing is very much influenced by her heritage – she writes about Indians living in India, after all. I think she’s the only person on this list that lives in Asia? I don’t know if she is on social media, but I know I enjoy her writing, and I’m hoping to read the other books by her that I own.

Clearly I need to read more of their novels, and I’m working on it! My mother-in-law recently found out that the library she used to take her kids to is still open, and my cousin linked me to a list of 10 Beautiful Libraries To Check Out In Malaysia, and some of these are near me, so I might be dragging a few of my cousins out for a kids’ playdate and also to take photos for Instagram. I’m hoping to find copies of diverse YA books in the libraries, so cross your fingers for me!

Which Asian authors do you love and recommend? Spread some love!


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I’m Ara, a Southeast Asian writer who someday hopes to have published a novel, and who is currently losing herself in the worlds created by others. I love books and food and television and blogging and I get distracted and sidetracked easily.


  • Krysta

    I’ve heard such good things about Sandhya Menon! I should probably read one of her books soon, but there are so many good books to read! It’s so overwhelming sometimes!

    • Ara

      It really can be overwhelming! Sandhya’s contemporaries are really adorable, I would suggest them for a day when you want something fun and easy to read.

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