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TWISTED TALES; three golden flowers

three golden flowers

This is a Chinese fairytale that I think would make an interesting movie. An all Chinese cast would be great too, but this is a more general one, just as an ‘inspired by’ type of story.

Twisted Tales is a series of photosets depicting POC fancasts of fairytales that are traditionally cast as not-POC.

Three Golden Flowers

Shailene Garnett as the Princess
Chai Hansen as the Farmer’s Son
Rick Worthy as the Chief
Jackei Chan as the Fisherman

“Find three golden orchids,” the wise man said upon examining the princess. “Their scent will cure her.”

“Where are these golden flowers?” asked the chief.

“They grow only where the sun shines through the water,” said the wise man.

The chief proclaimed that any man who could bring him the three golden orchids could marry the princess.


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