Racebent Romcoms

RACEBENT ROMCOMS; one fine day

I haven’t actually seen this movie but it seems cute. I love rom-coms involving kids in most cases.

Racebent Romcoms has me taking existing Hollywood romantic comedies (and romances), and recasting them for the modern day with a more diverse cast.

Featuring Winston Duke as Jack Taylor and Dichen Lachman as Melanie Parker.

Maggie, when you grow up and are incredibly beautiful and intelligent and possess a certain sweetness that’s… that’s like a distant promise to the brave, to the worthy, could you please not beat to a pulp every miserable bastard that comes your way simply because you can? Could you not do that?

I’m Ara, a Southeast Asian writer who someday hopes to have published a novel, and who is currently losing herself in the worlds created by others. I love books and food and television and blogging and I get distracted and sidetracked easily.


    • Ara

      Thank you! I have a lot of fun with this series but I’m running out of movies slowly. Haha. I don’t actually know? Probably the youngest boy from Fresh Off The Boat and possibly the young actress who plays young Iris West on The Flash?

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