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;movies i thought i imagined

I was recently thinking about movies I used to watch as a kid. This was prompted by a BookTube video I filmed talking about books I read as a kid and I realised because I hadn’t seen anyone else talking about a book series and I couldn’t find my copy, I started doubting whether or not it actually existed. Maybe I had imagined reading the whole thing?

Then I found my copies of the books and was very relieved, but it did get me thinking about a few movies I vaguely remember watching when I was younger but never saw anyone else talking about.*

*I checked IMDB and all these movies exist, but wow, it is so trippy to look back on and realise that I’ve never heard anyone mention them much if at all.

  • The first movie is one I know for a fact exists because my cousin remembers it. But outside of our family, I’ve never heard about it, so for a hot second I thought maybe we had a collective dream about Surf Ninjas. But no, the movie actually exists, and it is as ridiculous and fun as I remember. I just found it on YouTube and have favourited it to watch as a pick me up, and I highly recommend it when you want something a little brainless to watch.
  • Another movie I remember watching with my cousin – and I am convinced we had the VCD! – is A Kid In Aladdin’s Palace. It involves a modern day kid winding up in the past after stumbling on a genie’s lamp, and yes, it is as wacky as it sounds. We loved it as kids, but I never saw it anywhere.
  • I saw this movie once, I think, back when Lifetime was called Hallmark, and I adored it, but I couldn’t remember the name for the life of me, couldn’t remember much about it at all – until I did remember the title, and then I couldn’t find any information on it. But The Great Mom Swap does exist! It is a feel good family movie that is up on YouTube, and I cannot wait to rewatch it. I’m pretty sure it informed my love for how side romances can develop.
  • The last movie is one that used to keep playing on Hallmark. I think I saw it with my mother once? But she doesn’t remember it, and I started questioning myself, but IMDB proved me right. Wedding Daze was a TV movie about a couple whose three daughters all decide to get married at the same time. There is an Isla Fisher movie with the same title, but this one was made in 2004 and can be found on YouTube as well!

Has anyone actually heard of these movies? Watched them? Are there any movies you think you might have made up because no one seems to have seen them?

Also, what are some of your favourite Hallmark/Lifetime movies? I love the cheesy romances and feel good family movies and am always looking for recommendations!

I’m Ara, a Southeast Asian writer who someday hopes to have published a novel, and who is currently losing herself in the worlds created by others. I love books and food and television and blogging and I get distracted and sidetracked easily.

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