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Duchess In Love
by Eloisa James

A Duke In Retreat

Gina was forced into marriage with the Duke of Girton at an age when she’d have been better off in a schoolroom than a ballroom. Directly after the ceremony her handsome spouse promptly fled to the continent, leaving the marriage unconsummated and Gina quite indignant.

A Lady In The Middle

Now, she is one of the most well-known ladies in London… living on the edge of scandal – desired by many men, but resisting giving herself to any one.

A Duchess In Love

Finally, Camden, the Duke of Girton, has returned home, to discover that his naive bride has blossomed into the toast of the ton. Which leaves Cam in the most uncomfortable position of discovering that he has the bad manners to be falling in love – with his own wife!

After the first Eloisa James novel I read, I knew she would be my go-to for my romance novel fix. Her and Nora Roberts. I picked up this novel a while back and finally got down to reading it.

It was a wonderful blend of passion and romance and sexiness – and okay, I had some issues with the fact that in many ways the story supported cheating and adultery – Esme’s storyline showed that quite clearly, even if husband and wife were both quite okay with the other having extra-martial relationships. And Cam and Gina, while I loved their chemistry and the way they were falling in love, and wanted them to find their happy-ever-after – in any ways they were also cheating.

Even if I did not like Sebastian pretty much from the beginning, he was still technically engaged to Gina (who was technically still Cam’s wife – confusing relationships were confusing but still drew me in). Cam also had moments where he rubbed me the wrong way.

Tuppy and Carola might have been the only relationship that did not include adultery, just the thought of it. (Neville was adorable, and I wish we had more of him.) They were sweet, and Esme and Gina had a better hand on Carola’s relationships then their own.

All in all, definitely reading the rest in the series, because as far as romance novels go? Eloisa writes some of the best.

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