About The Bookworm

2016-04-12 11:46

I have spent most of my life with my nose buried in a story – whether the story was told in the pages of a book, on the big screen, on the stage, or scrolling down a webpage, or sometimes even in my own mind. I have always been fascinated by stories and the way people tell them.

Logically, I should have started a blog like this ages ago, to spread the love I have for the stories found in the well-worn pages of my books to whoever is interested. Instead, it took the encouragement of some friends and a renewed vigour in reading to get me into blogging about it.

I go by Ara. I’m a 26 year old who someday hopes to publish a novel, and who is currently losing herself in the worlds created by others. Recently graduated with a degree in Communications and a Masters course in Creative Writing (Screenwriting), I tend to read mostly YA fiction, and occasionally indulge in romance novels. Fairytales are my weaknesses, and I will hardly ever turn away a recommendation for a fantasy novel. I love to bake and read, and I am a huge family person.

You can also find me over on Tumblr, where I run more blogs than is probably advisable.