2017; it’s a wrap

2017 wrap up

It’s the end of the year, and I have managed to post a discussion post every month! It may not seem like much, but after last year, this is quite the accomplishment for me. My traffic and stats might not be as impressive as other bloggers, but I have seen an improvement, and more importantly? I’ve made loads of good friends in the blogging community.

(Where are my #CroneBloggers at?)

Let’s see, I recieved my first few approvals for eARCs this year, but with things going the way they are with NetGalley and GoodReads for international bloggers, that may not happen again. Still, it was an honour and a privilege.

My bookstagram is going decently! I’ve made a few friends there as well, switched my theme around, and it’s inspired me to finally set up my business.

That’s right, I am starting a book-related business! The page should be up and running by the first week of January, and I’ve spoken about it to a few people, but I don’t want to jinx myself, so details will be written up in a separate post once things are ready.

I am thinking that my schedule will be upped next year. I have already gotten the first couple of months mostly planned, and a new feature that will last at least the whole year. One of the posts every month will be a recipe, because I’ve got a few adapted things hoarded away that some of my Twitter friends say they want to see.

On the personal front, my little one is growing well. It’s so hard to believe she’s a few months shy of a year old. There were quite a few other babies born this year as well, in the extended family, so we’re all thrilled.

All these plans for the next year have me excited. Here’s hoping I stick to them and it all works out!

How is your 2018 looking so far?

2016-04-12 11:46