;ten things i have used as a bookmark

bookworm things

…besides a bookmark, that is.

There’s this post I’ve seen many times – on Tumblr, sometimes on Twitter, and I’ve had a friend send it to me over Whatsapp too, saying I’ve done them all – of unconventional things people have used as bookmarks.

I’m pretty sure that post is supposed to be a joke.

I’m also pretty sure that my friend is right and I’ve done them all.

ten things i have used as a bookmark

  • An old reciept.
    And when I say old, I mean it’s become faded and gone mostly blank.
  • Ticket stubs.
    I collect them, mean to put them in a scrapbook, and wind up using them as bookmarks. Technically, scrapbooking? In a way? Kind of? Don’t judge me.
  • Tissue paper.
    Always clean, I promise!
  • Any scrap bit of paper I can find, to be honest.
    And trust me, I have a lot of scrap paper hidden everywhere.

blubear bookmarks

  • A pen.
    Capped and closed, because I don’t want to dirty my book!
  • Other pieces of stationary.
  • Or my entire pencil case.
    I’ve done that too.
  • Another book.
    Especially if you’re reading both at the same time. It’s iffy to do it the first time, but it gets easier with practice.


  • My hand.
    For short breaks in reading only.
  • Alternatively, someone else’s hand.
    The friend in question above has had this happen to her. I’m not sorry, even if I told her I was. Oops?

The list starts off pretty normal, doesn’t it? But over time I’ve used a variety of things as bookmarks when I can’t find my actual bookmarks. It’s reached a point where I actively want to laminate my ticket stubs just to turn them into actual bookmarks so people will stop judging me. Like I did with my Nutella label. Now that’s a good bookmark, even if it does make me hungry when I see it.


What are the most unconventional things you have used as a bookmark?

2016-04-12 11:46